The 126th Street Depot was a depot formerly owned by MaBSTOA of New York City Transit. The lot fills the city block bounded by First Avenue, Second Avenue, and 126th and 127th Streets, near the Harlem River Drive, Triborough Bridge, and Willis Avenue Bridge in East Harlem, Manhattan. The address is 2460 Second Avenue, and the depot's decal had "126" in Roman numerals (CXXVI).

A former trolley yard, the site was opened as a bus depot in 1947 by Surface transit Inc., the successor to the streetcars of the Third Avenue Railway. It would later be used by the New York City Omnibus Corporation until 1962, when it would be taken over by the Transit Authority (as opposed to its MaBSTOA subsidiary) when its parent company Fifth Avenue Coach folded. It housed the buses (and served as a northern terminal) for the M15, the second busiest bus route in the United States and one of the busiest in the city, carrying over 60,000 passengers a day. Before it closed for the first time in 2015, it operated four additional local lines: M31, M35, M60 SBS, and M116.

Several structures have occupied the site since the beginning of European settlement of the area. In the late 19th Century, an amusement park and dance hall were erected on the site. It then was used by the Cosmopolitan Productions studio owned by William Randolph Hearst until 1923. In 2008, a historical 17th century African American burial ground used by the Low Dutch Reformed Church of Harlem, the first church in Harlem, and its successor the Elmendorf Reformed Church, was discovered at the site. The MTA consequently agreed to move most of the depot's routes to the reopened Mother Clara Hale Depot. The 126th Street Depot closed on January 5, 2015, with the land returned to the city; it was slated to be demolished.

Two outdoor annexes are located near the depot, one across of Second Avenue, and one two blocks north on East 128th Street, adjacent to Harlem River Park. The lot on 126th Street is used for bus storage and employee parking. The 128th Street facility is used to store express buses during midday hours. These facilities were added in 1989 and 1991, and in the mid 2000s. The 128th Street annex is on the former site of the storage yard for the 129th Street Station of the Second and Third Avenue elevated lines.

Fleet operation history:Edit


RTS (1980's-2015)

Orion VII NG. Hybrid (2010-2015)


D60 (2001-2015)

2010 Nova Bus LFSA (2010-2015)

2011 Nova Bus LFSA (2012-2015)