The 5 Lexington Avenue Express is a rapid transit service in the New York City Subway's A Division. Its route emblem, or "bullet", is colored green since it uses the IRT Lexington Avenue Line in Manhattan.

On weekdays, the 5 operates between Dyre Avenue in Eastchester, Bronx and Brooklyn College – Flatbush Avenue in Flatbush, Brooklyn, making all stops in the Bronx and express stops for the rest of its route. It also runs express in the Bronx between East 180th Street and Third Avenue – 149th Street in the peak direction during rush hours, along with alternated trains originating and terminating at Nereid Avenue in Wakefield, Bronx.

Limited rush hour 5 service also operates to/from either Utica Avenue in Crown Heights or New Lots Avenue in East New York instead of Flatbush Avenue. On weekends, the 5 short turns at Bowling Green in Financial District, Manhattan; at night, the 5 short turns at East 180th Street.

History Edit

Route Edit

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