The 5 Lexington Avenue Express is a rapid transit service in the New York City Subway's A Division. Its route emblem, or "bullet", is colored green since it uses the IRT Lexington Avenue Line in Manhattan.

The 5 operates at all times. Weekday service operates between Dyre Avenue in Eastchester, Bronx and Flatbush Avenue–Brooklyn College in Midwood, Brooklyn, making all stops in the Bronx and express stops in Manhattan and Brooklyn; peak-direction rush hour service runs express in the Bronx between East 180th Street and Third Avenue–149th Street; alternate rush hour service in the Bronx originates and terminates at Nereid Avenue in Wakefield instead of Dyre Avenue; limited rush hour service in Brooklyn originates and terminates at either Utica Avenue in Crown Heights or New Lots Avenue in East New York instead of Flatbush Avenue. The 5 short turns at Bowling Green in Financial District, Manhattan on weekends, and at East 180th Street during nights.

History Edit

The section from East 180th Street to Dyre Avenue was once part of the mainline of the New York, Westchester and Boston Railway, a standard gauge electric commuter railroad built by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. Upon its closure in 1937, the entire property was put up for sale.

On August 23, 1920, the 5 began operating between either 241st Street and Flabush Avenue, running local in the Bronx along the IRT White Plains Road Line (except rush hours in the peak direction when trains ran express between East 180th Street and Third Avenue–149th Street) and express stops in Manhattan along the IRT Lexington Avenue Line and in Brooklyn along the IRT Eastern Parkway Line. However, on weekends, trains terminated in Manhattan at Bowling Green.

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