The Amsterdam Depot is a depot for the Bronx division, and was once a Third Avenue Railway car barn.  The Amsterdam Depot was built by Surface Transit Inc. in 1947, and is located on the entire city block bounded by Amsterdam Avenue, Convent Avenue, and 128th and 129th Streets in Manhattanville, Manhattan. The depot was part of the Manhattan Division until spring 1998, when it was transferred to the Bronx Division due to the opening of the Michael J. Quill Depot and the closure of the Walnut Depot. Amsterdam continued to operate both Bronx and Manhattan bus routes until the MTA converted the Amsterdam Depot's bus operations into the Bronx Division only on September 7, 2003. The M100 and the M104, the only Manhattan routes in that depot, were sent to Kingsbridge Depot and Manhattanville Depot respectively.

Fleet operation history:

RTS Hybrid (2012-present) 

RTS (1980's-2000)

Orion V (1995-2013)

Orion VII Gen I Hybrid (2009-2010)

Orion VII Gen II Hybrid (2016-present)

Orion VII Gen II+ Hybrid (2008-2013, 2015-present)

Designline Ecosaver (2009-2013)

Orion VII NG. Hybrid (2012-Present)

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