The C Eighth Avenue Local is a 19-mile-long (31 km) rapid transit service in the B Division of the New York City Subway. Its route emblem, or "bullet", is colored blue since it uses the IND Eighth Avenue Line in Manhattan.

The C operates at all times except nights, making all stops along its entire route between 168th Street in Washington Heights, Manhattan, and Euclid Avenue in East New York, Brooklyn via Central Park West / Eighth Avenue in Manhattan and Fulton Street in Brooklyn. During nights, the A, which runs express along the entire C route during daytime hours, makes all stops. The C is internally staffed and scheduled as part of the A.

History Edit

The A and C were the first services on the IND Eighth Avenue Line when it opened on September 10, 1932. The A ran express between 207th Street and Chambers Street, adjacent to the Hudson Terminal (today's World Trade Center station), and the C was a local between 168th Street and Hudson Terminal. During nights, the C did not run and the A made all stops along the line.

On November 28, 1948, the C was extended to and from Euclid Avenue in East New York, Brooklyn at all times except nights, allowing the A to also run express in Brooklyn during daytime hours.

In the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, C service was suspended until September 24, 2001. Local service along Central Park West was replaced by the A and D, and the E was extended from Canal Street to Euclid Avenue during daytime hours, replacing C service in Brooklyn.

On January 23, 2005, a fire at the Chambers Street signal room crippled A and C service. Initial assessments suggested that it would take several years to restore normal service, but the damaged equipment was replaced with available spare parts, and normal service resumed on April 21.

Route Edit

Service patternEdit


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