Court Street is a station of the IND Second Avenue Line. It opened as a terminus for local trains of the IND Fulton Street Line and opened on April 9, 1936, along with a long section of the Fulton Street Line and the Rutgers Street Tunnel. Located at the intersection of Schermerhorn Street and Court Street, it is served by the T train at all times.

Station layout

G Street level Exits/Entrances
M Mezzanine Fare control, station agent, MetroCard vending machines
(Elevator on southeast corner of Court Street and Schermerhorn Street)
Platform level
T toward Broadway-125th Street (Whitehall Street-South Ferry)
Island platform, doors will open on the left; accessible
T toward Rockaway Park (Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets)

The station has one center island platform with two tracks. The tracks ended at bumper blocks just beyond the west end of the platform until the opening of the Chrystie Street line on July 1st, 1968. The station walls feature a tile band set in a course two tiles high (as is the case with most IND local stations), colored aquamarine with a cerulean blue border.

The station originally exemplified the IND service theory and the design of most of the Manhattan trunk lines, which specified that local trains should operate within individual boroughs where possible, and provide transfers to express trains which would be through-routed between the boroughs. Court Street was the northern terminal of the HH Fulton Street Local, which would ran south (geographically east) to Rockaway Avenue, later Euclid Avenue.

One of the alternative plans for the Second Avenue Subway would have included a southern extension to Brooklyn, tying into the stub at Court Street to accommodate through service to/from Manhattan. The plan was not commenced until the start of the Chrystie Street Project in the 1960s. The project finished on July 1st, 1968, and HH trains were discontinued. New VV trains took over the section between Court Street and Euclid Avenue, and were since replaced by the T.

Entrances, exits, and ancillary buildings

There are 2 entrances and exits and one elevator.

Location Exit Type Number of exits
Entrance 1
NW corner of Boreum Street and Schermerhorn Street
Staircase 1
Entrance 2
NE corner of Court Street and Schermerhorn Street
Staircase 1
Entrance 3
SE corner of Court Street and Schermerhorn Street
Elevator 1