The E Eighth Avenue Local is a rapid transit service in the B Division of the New York City Subway. Its route emblem, or "bullet", is blue since it uses the IND Eighth Avenue Line in Manhattan.

The E operates at all times between Jamaica Center in Jamaica, Queens, and Chambers Street – World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, running express on the IND Queens Boulevard Line in Queens (except nights when it serves all stops) and local in Manhattan. Limited rush hour service originates and terminates at 179th Street instead of Jamaica Center.

History Edit

On August 19, 1933, E service officially began, running between Jackson Heights – Roosevelt Avenue and the Hudson Terminal (current World Trade Center station).

E service was again extended when the Queens Boulevard Line was extended to Kew Gardens – Union Turnpike on December 31, 1936 and then to 169th Street on April 24, 1937. E trains began running express during day and evening hours between Continental Avenue and Queens Plaza.

On December 10, 1950, 179th Street opened. E service originated and terminated there, running express between Queens Plaza and 71st Avenue and local east of 71st Avenue. The E continue to operate entirely local at night, however.

On December 11, 1988, the IND Archer Avenue Line opened. E trains were rerouted via this branch, stopping at the upper level of Sutphin Boulevard and Jamaica Center stations. The E train now skipped 75th Avenue and Van Wyck Boulevard at all times except nights. R service was extended to 179th Street, replacing the E as the Hillside Avenue Local service, but this was later discontinued when the F became the local. A few rush hour trains continue to operate to and from 179th Street due to lack of track capacity at Jamaica Center.

During the early part of 2000, because of the replacement of track switches at the World Trade Center station, the E was extended to Euclid Avenue at all times except nights, when it operated to Canal Street. Service on the E was again affected by the September 11 attacks in 2001, as its terminal station, World Trade Center, was located at the northeastern corner of the World Trade Center site, so for a time, the E again operated to Euclid Avenue in Brooklyn as the local on the IND Fulton Street Line at all times except nights, replacing the temporarily suspended C service. On September 24, 2001, C service was restored, and E service was cut back to Canal Street, since World Trade Center would be closed until January 2002.

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