The Far Rockaway Depot is an MTA Bus depot situated on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 49th Street in Arverne, Queens. The depot was used by Green Bus Lines until January 9, 2006, when MTA Bus took over Green Bus Lines and started operating the old company's bus routes. The depot, as well as JFK Depot, are owned by GTJ Reit, Inc., except for the newly built annex building which is owned by the MTA-NYCTA, and was formerly used by Green Bus Lines Inc. before being leased to the City of New York and MTA Bus in 2006. The depot has two storage lots and a small maintenance facility which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and has recently received a newly built annex building with a modern and updated maintenance facility, which was built by the MTA in 2014 to expand this facility, maintain and support more buses in 2014. Far Rockaway Depot was closed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy and its fleet was housed at Building 78 on the grounds of John F. Kennedy International Airport, about 2 blocks away from the JFK Depot, but has since reopened.

Green Bus Lines HistoryEdit

See JFK Depot for history of this company.

Bus RoutesEdit

Far Rockaway housed these local routes until Hurricane Sandy in 2012:

  • Q11: Hamilton Beach - Rego Park, originally split with JFK depot
  • Q21: Howard Beach - Rego Park, originally to Rockaway Park, then Arverne
  • Q22: Far Rockaway - Beach Channel Drive
  • Q35: Brooklyn College - Rockaway Park

Far Rockaway reopened in 2014, only operating these express routes:

  • QM15 Midtown Manhattan - Lindenwood Express, originally split with JFK until 2012.
  • QM16 Midtown Manhattan - Rockaway Park Express
  • QM17 Midtown Manhattan - Far Rockaway Express
  • QM18 Midtown Manhattan - South Ozone Park Express, via Lefferts Blvd.

Fleet Operation History (during MTA bus)Edit

RTS (2005-2010)

MTAB Orion V (2005-2008)

Beeline Orion V (2012-2013)

Orion V (2010-2013)

Orion VII Gen II+ Hybrid (2005-present)

Orion VII Gen II+ diesel (2013-present)

Express MCI Classic (2005-2007)

Suburban Orion V (2008-2009)

MCI CL (2005-present)

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