Lots of people have questions about new assignments and where buses will be going. As of late, the MTA has been doing a general assignment and making the detail final at the last minute on the fly as buses are coming in. For this current wave and the next, there is a general idea of where everything will be going. Of course, final fleet numbers and depot assignments are always are subject to change. Some fleet numbers, and depot assignments have not yet been confirmed while others have. Plans are for nearly 2,000 buses and are as follows:

Standard buses:

367 XD40's 1654-2020 for CS, EN, FB, FP, GA, UP, and a Possibility of MQ.

81 MTA XD40s 2021-2101; 45 for EC, 36 for WB/LG

251 LFS' 8507-8757 for GH, JA, KB, QV, YU

200 O7's 9400-9599; possibility of cancellation due to added hybrids

138 XN40's 673-810 for JG and WF

50 XDE40's 6208-6257 (for evaluation) MV and possibly EN, MQ, OF, AMS

75 Production XDE40 Hybrids 6258-6332 for MV + 200 more possibly for AMS, EN, MQ, MV, OF; could possibly affect TTC order as well as the current proposed numbers.

50 BE40's 100-149 (for evaluation) GA, MQ, and AM, with options for up to 35 more buses

50 XE40's 6910-6959 (for evaluation) MQ and MV, with options for up to 35 more buses

Articulated buses:

208 XD60's 6000-6207 for CS, GA(M) shuttle, possibly MQ afterwords, BP and OH, and LG/JFK for SBS

110 XN60's 1000-1109 for JG, and WF

92 LFSA's 5439-5530 for GH, KB, and possibly MQ and or OF

180 Diesel Articulated buses unassigned, with 120 options remaining. Some of which could be hybrids.

50 Hybrid-Electric XDE60 pilots for Test and Evaluation unassigned

50 Electric Articulated Buses for Test and Evaluation (Note BYD is the only current offering for electric artics)

In addition to all that, the MTA will definitely be adding more electric buses, and remain open to any other advanced fuel technologies. Nova would also like to provide an electric standard model, and New Flyer will be in the running for hybrid artics after the standard evaluation.

All RTS are expected to retire, with displaced NG Hybrids to be pushed out to BK/Manhattan, Bus Company, and maybe the Bronx. There is a possibility of some of the best 1400-1500's and 6400-6600's to go to Bus Co. before they retire.

ENY is stated to use about 35 D60s and 30 XD60s from the Bronx and MTA when the MTA Artic order comes in. After the option order of artics arrive, all D60s are to be retired.

More info coming soon.

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