The Gun Hill Depot a depot for the Bronx division that is located at 1910 Bartow Avenue, just west of the New England Thruway in Baychester, Bronx, and near the Co-Op City neighborhood, which a number of routes serve. Prior to the construction of the depot, the site was a garbage dump and toxic waste dump, used at various times for both legal and illegal waste disposal. It was selected by the MTA for a new garage in 1979, in order to replace the original West Farms Depot. It opened on September 10, 1989, replacing the old Kingsbridge Depot which was closed the same day awaiting demolition, rebuilding and reconstruction. In 1992, the MTA built little league baseball fields on an adjacent site one block west. The MTA also owned the lot immediately south of the depot until 2014, which was leased and used as a driving range from 1999 to 2010. This land was originally planned for an expansion of the depot, or a new central rebuild facility. The depot also contains heavy maintenance facilities, and served the Bronx's central maintenance facility upon opening, replacing the former West Farms Depot.

In June 1996, solar panels were installed on the roof of the depot. It was the first NYCTA depot to use solar energy, which now provide about 40% of the depot's power. It is also the only New York City Transit bus garage that was built on previously undeveloped land. The depot stores around 290 buses.

Fleet operation history:Edit


RTS (1980's-2004) 

Orion V (2004-2016)

Orion VII CNG (2002; pilot)

Orion VII NG. Hybrid (2009-present)

2015 NovaBus LFS (2015-present)


D60 (1996-present)

2010 Nova Bus LFSA (2009-present)

2011 Nova Bus LFSA (2011-present)

2012 XD60 (2013-present)

2017 XD60 (2017-2018)

2017 Nova Bus LFSA (2018-present)