The Jackie Gleason Depot, formerly the Fifth Avenue Depot until June 30, 1988, is a Brooklyn Division Depot located on the east side of Fifth Avenue between 36th and 39th Streets in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, just west of the 36th-38th Street Yard and Ninth Avenue station of the New York City Subway. The depot was originally a passenger terminal named Union Station. Steam trains ran from some of the outlying parts of Downtown Brooklyn where they then continued their journey into Manhattan. Following that, it operated as an elevated car inspection shop from sometime in the early 1900s until approximately 1940, when it was acquired by the city's Board of Transportation. In 1944, it began operation as a bus garage called Fifth Avenue Depot, later rebuilt into the present new depot on September 6, 1984. On June 30, 1988, the depot was named after Jackie Gleason, who grew up in Brooklyn and played bus driver Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners; this renaming occurred one year after Gleason's death. The depot later housed a bus built in 1949 similar to that used on the show, part of the New York Transit Museum fleet.

The depot facilitated the first testing of compressed natural gas (CNG) buses in 1992, when a dual-fueled CNG/Diesel bus was housed in the facility. The bus was fueled at the Brooklyn Union Gas Company facility in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.[80] In November 1995, the NYCTA installed a fueling station (leased from Brooklyn Union) at the cost of $1.6 million for several Transportation Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) RTS-06 CNG demonstration model buses. The depot was fully equipped with CNG on June 7, 1999, with the original "slow-fill" fueling station replaced with a "fast-fill" station. It became the first NYCTA depot to support CNG buses.

Fleet operation history:Edit

GMC-RTS/TMC-RTS (1990's-2000)

Orion V CNG (1995-2012)

1999 C40LF (1998-2013)

Orion VII Gen I CNG (2002-2018)

Orion VII Gen II CNG (2016-2017)

2011 C40LF (2011-Present)

2016 XN40 (2016-Present)

2017 XN60 (2018-Present)