The Jamaica Depot is a Queens Division Depot located on the west side of Merrick Boulevard between South Road and 107th Avenue in Jamaica, Queens. Constructed in 1940, the depot is the oldest existing New York City Transit Depot. The depot lies between Merrick Boulevard to the east and 165th Street to the west, and spans about three blocks north-to-south between South Road and 107th Avenue, located across the campus of York College. The depot was opened by the North Shore Bus Company in August 1940 and inherited by the Board of Transportation in 1947. An addition was constructed in 1950, adding additional storage and a bus washing area. The depot was expanded again in 1968, and from 1993 to 1994.

The 58,000 square foot depot is the oldest existing New York City Transit Depot. It holds 150 buses at capacity, but is assigned around 200 buses, many of which are parked on the surrounding streets. Due to its age and capacity issues and to accommodate articulated buses, the MTA plans to demolish the existing structure and build a new and expanded depot on the same site, as well as on 50,000 square feet of adjacent property purchased in April 2014. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2018 and be complete by 2022, with all of its buses, and local routes temporarily sent to other depots.

Fleet operation history:Edit

RTS (1980's-present)

RTS Hybrid (2009-2017) 

Orion VII NG. Hybrid (2009-2017)

2011 Nova Bus LFS (2013-present)

2015 XD40 (2018-Present)

2015 Nova Bus LFS (2014-2015 (pilot), 2015 (Oct)-present)

2018 XD40 (2018-present)

Express RTS (1980's-2002)

MCI D45 (2002-2006)