The Manhattanville Depot, formerly the 132nd Street Depot, is a Manhattan division depot located in the block bounded by Broadway, Riverside Drive, and 132nd and 133rd Streets in Manhattanville, Manhattan. The depot was renamed in 1992 and replaced the former 132nd Street Depot originally built by the 5th Avenue Coach Company, and is viewable from the 1 train between 125th St & 137th St. 

Fleet operation history:Edit

RTS (1980's-2009)

RTS Hybrid (2000-2010; had 9700/9656 1997-2008) 

Orion VI (1998-2005)

Orion VII Gen I (2006-present)

Orion VII Gen II (2006-present)

Orion VII Gen II+ (2008-present)

Designline Ecosaver (2009-present)

Orion VII NG. Hybrid (2009-Present)

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