Michael J. Quill Depot, originally Westside depot, is a depot for the Manhattan division. The Michael J. Quill Depot fills the block bounded by Eleventh Avenue, the West Side Highway, 40th Street, and 41st Street in Midtown Manhattan. The depot opened in spring 1998 as the Westside Depot, replacing the Walnut Depot and 100th Street Depot (the latter since reopened), and was renamed after Michael J. Quill, one of the founders of the Transport Workers Union of America, on July 13, 2000. The depot, built in 1963 was the former New York headquarters and bus garage for Greyhound Lines, which sold it to the New York City Transit Authority in 1996. The Michael J. Quill Bus Depot had received most of its routes from the defunct Hudson Pier depot when it shut down on September 7, 2003. It is the largest depot in the city and consists of multiple floors with most of its buses stored on the roof. 

Fleet operation history:


RTS (1998-present)

RTS Hybrid (2001-2015, 2017-present) 

Designline Ecosaver (2009-present)

Orion VII NG. Hybrid (2009-present)

2011 XD40 (2012-2013)

2011 LFS (2017-present)

2017 XE40 (2017-present)

Express RTS (1998-2001)

Express Orion V (2001-2008)

MCI 102 (2008-2010)


D60 (2000-present)

2010 Nova Bus LFSA (2015-2016)

2011 Nova Bus LFSA (2011-present)

2017 XD60 (2017-present)

2017 Nova Bus LFSA (2018-present)