The site of the Mother Clara Hale Depot, formerly named the 146th Street Depot until 1993, is an Manhattan Division Depot that fills the block bounded by Lenox Avenue, Seventh Avenue, and 146th and 147th Streets in Harlem, Manhattan. The depot is named for Harlem humanitarian Clara Hale.

The site of the depot was initially home to the Lenox Avenue Car House, a car barn and power station, built by the Metropolitan Street Railway for their Lenox Avenue Line, the first line in the city to use conduit electrification. The line and depot began service on July 9, 1895. The New York City Omnibus Corporation, which had replaced the former trolley lines with bus routes in 1936, began constructing a new bus garage on the site in 1938. Operations from the new depot began on July 31, 1939.

The previous depot building closed in January 2008 and was demolished in spring 2009. Routes from the depot shifted to Manhattanville and Amsterdam Depots. A new garage was built on the site after demolition, and was completed in November 2014. The new depot has replaced the 126th Street Depot, which lies above a historical 17th century African-American burial ground; it reopened as a directly-run NYCT depot like the 126th Street Depot on January 4, 2015, though many routes were operated from other depots. 

Fleet operation history:Edit


RTS (1980's-2000) 

Orion V (1997-2008)

Orion VI (1999-2005)

Orion VII Gen I (2004-2008)

Orion VII Gen II+ (2006-2008, 2015-present)

Orion VII NG. Hybrid (2015-Present)


2010 NovaBus LFSA (2015-present)

2011 NovaBus LFSA (2016-present)

Fleet operation history:Edit

Nova Bus RTS (1996-2004) 

GMC-RTS/TMC-RTS (1990's-2004)

Orion V (1990's-2008)

Orion VII Gen I/II (2005-2008, 2015-present)

Orion VII NG. Hybrid (2015-Present)

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