Ridgewood Bus Depot is a bus depot operated by the NYCTA and is a Brooklyn bus depot due to it being on the border of East Williamsburg and Ridgewood. It was once a business but that was demolished to make room for the Bus Depot.

Routes served-B13,B24,B26,B29,B30,B34,B40,B43,B47,B48,B50,B60,Q54,Q55,Q58.Q59

Split Routes,B52[with Fresh Pond Depot B38 LTD[With Fresh Pond Bus Depot],B51[With East New York Depot]

Rush Hour Routes-B39, B54,B62

Late Night Routes-B15,B20

1996 NovaBus RTS-8750-8793

1997 NovaBus RTS-8794-8839,8840-8899,8900-8932

1998 Novabus RTS-4968-5032,5033-5035

1999 Novabus RTS-5200-5236,5237-5249

2004 Orion VII[07.501]-6490-6627

2009 Novabus Orion VII Next Generation[07.501-4433-4450