The Staten Island Rapid Transit is a Division that provides both subway and railway service on Staten Island. The Rolling stock used in the division are listed below.

Although part of the NYCT Fleet, these cars are not sequentially numbered with their fleet. 

Retired FleetEdit

The ME-1 was a rapid transit car built from 1925 to 1926 by the Standard Steel Car Company for the Staten Island Railway and later also used in the New York City Subway. They were the first electric cars to run in revenue service on the SIRT. They are also frequently referred to as MU-1s or MUE-1s. The 25 cars purchased by the New York City Transit Authority to run in the subway were nicknamed B-29s, a reference to a large aircraft of the same name. This nickname was derived from the cars' large size (67 feet or 20.42 meters) and the fact that the cars had been renumbered for subway service into the 2900's.

A total of 100 cars were purchased - 90 motors and 10 trailers. The 90 motors were built in 1925, and the 10 trailers in 1926.

Purchased by the Staten Island Rapid Transit's former operator, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the cars debuted in 1925. They ran continuously on the three SIRT lines (North Shore Line, South Shore Line, South Beach Branch) until 1953, when the South Beach Branch closed. In 1953-54, 25 of these cars were purchased from the SIRT by the New York City Transit Authority to run over former BMT lines and did so until 1961. The remaining cars soldiered on the remaining SIRT main lines (North and South Shore) until their last revenue service in 1973.

Following their 1973 retirement from service on Staten Island, they were replaced by the R44 SI fleet of cars, which are still in use as of 2015.

Current FleetEdit

All cars are 75 ft (22.86 m) long and 10 feet (3.05 m) wide.

Contract # Year built
and Builder
Fleet numbers
(Total ordered)
Assigned Services Notes
R44 (ME-2) 1971-1973

St Louis Car Company

100-399 (NYCT cars), 100-199, 420-431 (388 total, 111 left in revenue service) Blue line, Red line
  • Staten Island Railway cars were all originally singles, became reconfigured into A-B-B-A form; most cars originally operated in NYCT
  • New York City Subway car numbers were originally 100–399.
  • Many NYCT cars were either retired early or given to SIRT to be remembered 420-431 for extended Red line service to the Staten Island Mall.
  • SIRT car 114 was involved in a derailment accident in 2008 that led to its retirement and was stored out of service in the 207th Street Yard until 2013, when it was scrapped.
  • All New York City Subway cars retired by the end of 2010 due to structural integrity issues.
  • Remaining cars to be retired by R211Bs by 2025.
R55 (ME-3) 1980-1981

Pullman Standard

200-319 (120 total) Yellow line, Green Line, Orange Line
  • Nearly identical to the R46s on NYCT.
  • Married Pairs
  • For expansion of SIRT service.
  • To be retired by R211Bs by 2025.
R83 (ME-4) 1990-1991

Bombardier Transportation

320-419 (100 total) Purple line, Brown line
  • Nearly identical to the R68s on NYCT.
  • Married Pairs
  • To be replaced by R211Bs by 2025.