The TMC-RTS was the second RTS delivered to New York City. They operated under the private bus lines, New York City Transit, MABSTOA, and some even under MTA bus. Numbers include:

  • 4600-4899
  • 8000-8399
  • 8400-8599
  • 8600-8749
  • 7351-7358, 5770-5993 (MTA bus)
  • 7820-7871 (MTA bus)



The first TMC RTS to enter service were 4600-4899, with 4855-4899 used for express service. These buses were not much different from the GMC-RTS. Most retired by 2007, but one unit, 4685, retired in 1994 after a major accident on Shore Parkway, and in 1999, 4762 was retired due to a collision with a fire truck at the time.


This RTS was a bit unique. 8300-8396 were diesel powered, 8397 was powered by methanol, then Hybrid Electric before scrapped in 2000, and 8398-8399 was CNG powered, later sent to Command Bus Company. Most were identical to the last order with the exception of newer flipdot signs and were originally one of the fastest buses in NYCT. Some buses were sent to MTA bus later on, and were the first transferred buses to not get renumbered. All buses were gone by 2010.


These buses were the last TMC RTS ordered. These buses no longer had the triangle windows in the back. 8567-8749 had newer signs than the previous units. However the DD50 engine still sounded similar to older models, but we're later repowered. Some units were sent to MTA bus and did not fully retire until 2012.

MTA BusEdit

Some of these RTS were sent from NYCT to operate in MTA bus. Buses in MTA bus were 1987-1988 and 1993-1994 models. They performed similar to their NYCT counterparts, but were maintained poorly by the private bus lines. Despite the flaws, buses continued operations for over 20 years, retiring between 2007 and 2010.

7820-7871 were CNG powered RTS for the former Command Bus Company and Triboro Coach. 7820-7844 were express units for Command. 8398-8399+8567 were included in this order and were fully retired by 2007.

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