Third Avenue-138th Street is a station on the IND Throgs Neck Line as well as an express station on the IRT Pelham Line of the New York City Subway. Located at the intersection of Third Avenue and 138th Street in Mott Haven, it is served by the 6, 8, and U train at all times; and the <6> train during weekdays in the peak direction.

Station LayoutEdit

G Street Level Exit/ Entrance
M Mezzanine Fare control, station agent
Staircases and elevators to platforms
(Elevator at Graham Triangle at Third Avenue and 138th Street)
IRT Platform level
Southbound local 6, 8 toward Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall (125th Street)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right; accessable
Peak-direction express <6> toward Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall (weekday mornings) (125th Street)
<6> toward Pelham Bay Park (weekday afternoons and evenings) (Hunts Point Avenue)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right; accessable
Northbound local 6 toward Parkchester (weekdays) or Pelham Bay Park (all times except weekday afternoons and evenings) (Brook Avenue)
8 towards Gun Hill Road (IRT Third Avenue and White Plains Road lines) (mtamaster edition) (143rd Street)
IND Platform level
Northbound U toward Throgs Neck-Tremont Avenue (Third Avenue-149th Street)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, accessable
Southbound U toward Broad Street (125th Street)

IRT PlatformsEdit

This station opened on August 1, 1918, making it the oldest station on the IRT Pelham Line. The station has two island platforms and three tracks, with the center track used for weekday peak direction express service. During weekday rush hours, select outbound 6 and 8 trains may terminate here and during late nights the 6 terminates at this station with Manhattan service replaced by the 8 .

The mosaics on the station walls are predominantly tan and buff, and the numeral "3" is shown in slightly cruciform plaques with a slate blue background. Clusters of small blue diamonds set in dark blue sit on either side of these plaques. A crossover exists via the mezzanine, and one elevator (on each platform) is located at the center of the platforms. Before installation of the elevators in 1995, an abandoned crossover to both platforms was in the elevators' place. A high ceiling is found in the station and the northbound platform has an old tower at the south end.

To the south, the line goes under the Harlem River into Manhattan and merges with the IRT Jerome Avenue Line to form the IRT Lexington Avenue Line. At the east, crossovers go to and from the express tracks and the local tracks branch from the Pelham line, continuing as the IRT Third Avenue line to Gun Hill Road.

Prior to 1955, a paid transfer was available to the IRT Third Avenue Line at the 138th Street station. The connection was reinstated when the IRT Third Avenue line was connected to this station in 1973. This is the southernmost station in the Bronx on the IRT Pelham Line.

Under the 2015–2019 MTA Capital Plan, the station, along with thirty other New York City Subway stations, will undergo a complete overhaul and would be entirely closed for up to 6 months. Updates would include cellular service, Wi-Fi, charging stations, improved signage, and improved station lighting.

IND PlatformEdit

The station has a two track, one island platform layout like the IND Second Avenue line stations. The station has air-cooling systems to make it at least 10 °F (6 °C) cooler than other subway stations during the summer. This requires the station to have large ventilation and ancillary buildings, rather than traditional subway grates. The station is also compliant with current fire codes, whereas most existing stations are not. Additionally, the station is waterproofed with concrete liners and fully drained.

The station opened May 1st, 1995.


Exit location Number of exits
NE corner of 138 Street and Third Avenue 1
SE corner of 138 Street and Third Avenue 2
NW corner of 138 Street and Alexander Avenue 2
SW corner of 138 Street and Alexander Avenue 2
South Plaza at Third Avenue and 138th Street 1 + 2 Elevators
North Plaza at Third Avenue and 139th Street 1

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