Randall Avenue is the terminal of the IND Throgs Neck Line of the New York City Subway. Located at the intersection of the Tremont Avenue and Harding Avenue, it serves the U train at all times.

Station layoutEdit

G Street level Exits/Entrances
M Mezzanine Fare control, station agent, MetroCard vending machines
(Elevator at Tremont Avenue and Harding Avenue)
Platform level
Track 1 U toward Broad Street (Randall Avenue)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right; accessable
Track 2 U toward Broad Street (Randall Avenue)
Island platform, doors will open on the right, left; accessable
Track 3 U toward Broad Street (Randall Avenue)

The Throgs Neck station is a station with a three-track, two-island platform layout. At the southern tip of the station, a path leads to the exit of the station, located on the southeast corner of Harding Avenue and Tremont Avenue. As there is not enough ridership to justify running more than one service to the Throgs Neck terminal, the station was constructed in a three-track, two-island platform layout rather than a two-track, island platform layout in order to allow trains to easily be dispatched to a new yard under Tremont Avenue. The yard was not built due to high costs and the T (since replaced by the U, which runs light to the 36-38 St/Coney Island Yards in Brooklyn or the 125th Street yard) being managed by the Pitkin Yard in Brooklyn. A bellmouth exists north of this station via the middle track to the proposed yard. As of March 2017, it has been proposed to build the yard for the U to make dispatching easier for the crew. It is not known how the yard will be funded.

The station opened on March 1st, 1998.

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