The Tuskegee Airmen Depot, formerly named 100th Street Depot, is a depot for the Manhattan division located at 1552 Lexington Avenue, filling the block bounded by Park Avenue, Lexington Avenue, and 99th and 100th Streets on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The depot was closed in spring 1998 when the Michael J. Quill Depot opened, but reopened on September 7, 2003, taking on a number of routes from other Manhattan division Depots. The facility has drawn the ire of many East Harlem residents; many residents cite high asthma rates in the area and the fact that the depot is in a residential area. The depot was formerly a car barn for streetcars on the Lexington Avenue Line.

Fleet operation history:Edit

RTS Hybrid (2003-2014) 

D60HF (2003-present)

Orion VII Gen II+ (2012-2014)

2010 Nova Bus LFSA (2015-2016)

2011 Nova Bus LFSA (2011-present)

2017 XD60 (2017-present)

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