The Ulmer Park Depot is a Brooklyn Division Depot located at 2449 Harway Avenue in the neighborhood of Bath Beach, Brooklyn. The depot fills the block bounded by 25th Avenue, Bay 38th Street (which is closed to the public), Harway Avenue, and Bath Avenue. Land for the depot was acquired in 1947, and the facility was constructed in the late 1940s, opening for operation on January 15, 1950. It is a single story 118,800-square-foot (11,040 m2) steel-framed building with a brick exterior. It was rehabilitated in 1983 and 1989. This is the only NYCTA depot in Brooklyn to maintain express buses, able to store a total of 285 buses. Ulmer Park is notable for rebuilding, repairing, and housing NYCT Bus 2185, a MCI express coach which was badly damaged during the September 11 attacks in 2001.

The name Ulmer Park is a reference to the Ulmer Park resort, operated by William Ulmer of the William Ulmer Brewery in Bath Beach from 1893 to 1899.

Fleet operation history:Edit

RTS (1980's-present) 

Orion VII 3G (2011-2013)

2011 Nova Bus LFS (2011-2013)

2011 XD40 (2011-present)

2014 XD40 (2014-Present)

2018 XD40 (2018-Present)

Express RTS (1980's-2007)

MCI 102 (2000-2012)

MCI D45 (2001-2018)

MCI CL (2010-2011)

X3-45 (2011-present)