In the Last Blog/Column, I spoke about the West Hempstead Branch. In this Blog/Column, I will talk about the Far Rockaway Branch. The Far Rockaway Branch includes the Following Stations: Locust Manor, Laurelton, Rosedale, Valley Stream, Gibson, Hewlett, Woodmere, Cedarhurst, Lawrence, Inwwod & Far Rockaway. Generally, The Far Rockaway Train Travels to/from Barclays-Atlantic Terminal in Kings County (Brooklyn). There are a Few Trains durng the Morning & Evening Rush that travel to/from Penn Station.

Currently, The Long Island Rail Road has the Far Rockaway Train during the Weekends run Express from Jamaica to Valley Stream while the Long Beach Train Stops @ Locust Manor, Laurelton & Rosedale. If the Long Island Rail Road wants Long Beach to stop @ those 3 Stops, It is Fine with Me BUT ALL FAR ROCKAWAY TRAINS MUST Stop @ those 3 Stops @ ALL TIMES. I would also make sure the Far Rockaway Train Operates 24/7 between Barclays-Atlantic Terminal (Brooklyn) & Far Rockaway. That is it for the Far Rockaway Branch. The Next Blog/Column will be the Long Beach Branch.

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