In my last Blog/Column, I talked about Metro North Rail Road West of the Hudson. The Majority of Metro North Rail Road is on the East Side of the Hudson. In this Blog/Column, I will focus on the Hudson Line.

The Hudson Line has Local Train Service grom Grand Central Terminal to Croton Harmon as well as Express Service from Grand Central Terminal & Poughkeepsie. I am Happy to see that Metro North has a 153rd Street-Yankee Stadium Stop. I would Continue with the Service to Yankee Stadium. I would Continue the Local Service between Grand Central Terminal & Croton Harmon. I would Continue the Express Service between Grand Central Terminal.

Near the Spuyten Duyvil Station, there is a Switch Area where Amtrak coming from Penn Station connects with Metro North Rail Road Husdon Line/Amtrak going to Penn Station leaves the Metro North Rail Road Hudson Line.

Here is My Proposal: I Propose that Every other Local Train to/from Croton Harmon goes to Grand Central Terminal & Every other Local Train to/from Croton Harmon goes to Penn Station following the current Amtrak Route. I also Propose that Every other Express Train to/from Poughkeepsie goes to/from Grand Central Terminal & Every other Express Train to/from Poughkeepsie goes to/from Penn Station following the Current Amtrak Route. I also Propose we add some Stops in New York County (Manhattan). The Stops would be the Following:

Inwood--located in Inwood Park

Fort Tyron Park-The Cloisters

Washington Heights--located near the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal

Riverbank State Park-Manhattanville--located @ 145th Street

Riverside Church-Grants Tomb

Morningside Heights--located by 106th Street

Upper West Side--located by 86th Street

Lincoln Center--located by 66th Street

Hell's Kitchen--located by 49th-50th Streets

followed by ther last stop Penn Station.

Metro North Rail Road would Share the Same Tracks with the Long Island Rail Road. All Trains would Layover in the Hudson Yards/West Side Yard that the Long Island Railroad currently does. The ONLY Inconvience would be, when the Train Arrives in Penn Station, the Train Operator would have to Go to the other end of the train to Go back to the Yard  or to depart the station. 

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