The Willets Point Bus Terminal, is a major bus terminal in Willets Point, Queens. Owned by MTA Regional Bus Operations, the terminal serves NYCT routes, as well as the N20G from NICE Bus and the Bx50 from MTA Bus. It is located at Roosevelt Avenue and 126th Street, across Shea Stadium.


The Bus terminal was planned as early as the 1960s. In the early 1960s Flushing Municipal Parking Lot 1 was thought of for construction of an intermodal bus terminal. This facility would of taken hundreds of buses off the surrounding streets, where they discharge and pick up riders. For over 50 years, generations of public officials, on a bipartisan basis, have failed to secure any funding necessary to support environmental review, design, engineering and construction of this badly needed transportation improvement.

On January 20, 2015, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to build a new AirTrain line to LaGuardia Airport. As part of the plan, a piece of Casey Stengel would be taken and converted into a bus terminal. Not only would this terminal be used for a connection to the Airtrain, this would allow the streets in Flushing to be less crowded as there would be less buses running and laying over on narrow streets.

As of January 1st, 2017, the terminal will extend and reroute most of the terminating routes in Flushing. The following changes are expected to ocurr:

  • Q12/15/26/78/N20G: Extended from Main Street to Bus terminal; Q12/26/N20G share the same stops while Q15/78 share stops.
  • Q13/16/28/Bx54: Extended/rerouted from 39 Avenue and Union Street to Bus terminal; buses use Northern Boulevard and College Point Boulevard; Q13/28 share the same stops while Q16/Bx54 share stops.
  • Q19/66/68: buses now terminate in old Q13/16/28/Bx54 terminal.
  • Q58: Rerouted from Main Street and 41 Rd to Bus terminal.
  • Bx50: Rerouted from Main Street and 39 Avenue to Bus terminal; LTD service unaffected.

Construction is projected to start in 2019, with passenger service in 2023.

List of routesEdit

All routes listed are operated by NYCT except the Bx50, operated by MTA Bus, and N20G from NICE bus.

Lane Route Destination Main streets traveled Service notes
A Q15/Q15A Beechhurst

166th Street and Powells Cove Boulevard

41st Avenue, 150th Street, then:
  • Regular trips: 154th Street
  • A trips: Clintonville Street

All trips: Powells Cove Boulevard

  • No overnight service.
Q58 Ridgewood

Wyckoff Avenue and Palmetto Street

Fresh Pond Road, Grand Avenue, Corona Avenue, College Point Boulevard
  • Has daily limited-stop service.
Q78 SUNY Maritime College Roosevelt Avenue, 154th Street, Bayside Avenue, 26 Avenue, Throgs Neck Bridge, Pennyfield Avenue
  • No night service.
B Bx50 Co-op City

Earhart Lane and Erskine Place

Whitestone Expressway, Hutchinson River Parkway, Bruckner Boulevard, Co-op City Boulevard
  • No overnight service.
Bx54 CUNY Lehman College Parsons Boulevard, Cross Bronx Expressway, East 182nd Street, Kingsbridge Road, Goulden Avenue
  • Select weekday and all late night trips end at Fordham Plaza.
C Q12 Little Neck

Glenwood Street and Northern Boulevard

Stanford Avenue, Northern Boulevard

Douglaston LIRR station

Parsons Boulevard, 46th Avenue, Hollis Court Boulevard, Horace Harding Expressway, Douglaston Parkway
  • Weekday service only.
N20G Great Neck LIRR station Stanford Avenue, Northern Boulevard
  • No overnight service.
D Q13 Fort Totten

Fort Road and Cross Island Parkway

Northern Boulevard, Bell Boulevard
  • No overnight service.
Q16A/B Fort Totten

Fort Road and Cross Island Parkway

Bayside Avenue, then:
  • A trips: Francis Lewis Boulevard
  • B trips: Utopia Parkway
  • No overnight service.
Q28 Bay Terrace Shopping Center Northern Boulevard, Crocheron Avenue, 32nd Avenue, Corporal Kennedy Street

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