Williamsburg Depot, originally West Kings Express service, is an MTA Bus depot in Brooklyn. Located in the Navy Yard, this depot, along with Spring Creek depot, is one of the two depots from MTA bus operated in Brooklyn.

Although the express buses are leased to be stored in Sunset Park at the former site of Metro Apple Express, all maintenance is performed at the Williamsburg depot.

West Kings Express Service HistoryEdit

West Kings Express was originally known as Private lines Company. It only had one route in Brooklyn, the B110, and later added the B102 route. The B102 ran in select stops to Downtown Brooklyn at Atlantic Av while the B110 operated between Boro Park and Williamsburg making no other stops in any other Neighborhood. In 1995, after the closure of Metro Apple Express, Private Lines took over the express routes in that area, which were the BM10, BM11, BM12, and BM15, and renamed itself West Kings Express Service. After 2005, West Kings Express was sold to MTA bus in 2005 and became today's Williamsburg depot.

The original Metro Apple Express lot, 140 58th St, is currently used to store museum buses as well as buses from the Williamsburg Depot due to the long deadhead of the express routes in southern Brooklyn. The lot is planned to reopen for revenue service by 2020 after the merger of MTA and NYCT bus.

Bus Route HistoryEdit

Brooklyn localEdit

  • B102 - Williamsburg - Downtown Brooklyn
  • B110 - Williamsburg - Boro Park Limited Stop Service (Formerly Express before MTA Bus)

Brooklyn-Manhattan expressEdit

  • BM10 - Bay Ridge - Midtown Express
  • BM11 - Bensonhurst - Midtown Express
  • BM12 - Bay Ridge - Midtown Express
  • BM15 - Coney Island - Midtown Express

Fleet Operation History (during MTA bus)Edit

1995 Fixible Metro E (2005-2007)

Orion VI Hybrid (2005-2013)

Orion VII Gen II+ Hybrid (2007-present)

2014 XD40 (2016-Present)

MCI CL (2005-2009)

MCI CT (2009-present)